Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Disclaimer: Bailey was not feeling well the whole Christmas weekend, and when I took her to the doctor two days after Christmas she had double ear infections... What I'm really trying to say is...please ignore her terrible hair! It's kind of embarassing, but the poor thing just wasn't feeling that great so I didn't want to subject her to hair styling...Now posting pictures, I kind of regret that decision! =) Josh loves Mario anything, he loves Yoshi. And he has had a stuffed green Yoshi toy for a while now that Bailey has been coveting. So, Christmas morning brought Pink Yoshi for Bailey. She went right for him!

Here is the highlight of my Christmas, and yes, it's kind of for me as well as Bailey. Isn't it the cutest kitchen set you've ever seen! It's so pretty... And my mom made her the cutest apron to go with it. Bailey is a lucky girl!

Again, can you see the sickness pouring out of her? But she had just enough energy to give us a thumbs up before heading downstairs to see what Santa had brought.

Here are the cousins after opening their one present on Christmas Eve, and of course you know what it was... pj's.

Spending a lot of time at Grandma's and Grandpa's this week.

She's just so cute I can't handle it!

Andrew playing with a giant train track at Grandma's. Grandma and Grandpa's house is the best!


Henrie said...

Love the Christmas jams! Super cute! Poor Bailey in that one little picture...but so cute!

smithfam said...

I love their pjs! So cute. I was just thinking, is Bailey really going to be 3 next month??!!! Holy cow. I miss you. Text me!

Michelle said...

Bummer that Bailey was sick for Christmas. Caleb wasn't back to normal either so I kind of know how you felt. Cute kitchen-I guess she'll grow up to be a cook just like you.

Fuller Family said...

Such cute pictures and kids! It was so much fun talking this week. We really need to be better at it! I am glad little Bailey is feeling better. Keep me updated on your injury! I hope they can fix it so we can run together someday again!!

llcall said...

Seriously, the hair ROCKS! I love bedhead. I feel sorry for sick kids, but if that's what it takes to get cute, bedhead pictures... ;) And I love those striped jammies!